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Our Medical Massage 
Certification Program: 

This seminar series has been developed to enhance the Therapist's skills and help to develop the Therapist's confidence and ability to create a more successful practice. 

This Medical Massage Program will enhance the student's understanding and ability through the utilization of specific techniques such as Orthopedic Assessment, Muscle Testing, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Positional Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Rehabilitative Stretching. 


Medical Massage Practitioners of America is an approved NCBTMB provider: NCBTMB Provider # 158490-00. Please check with us for state approvals.

Medical Massage Level 1:

Insurance Billing & Practice Building   (Day 1)

A Day of the Back   (Day 2)

A Day of the Neck   (Day 3)

22 CEUs

Investment:  $ 395.00 for all three days.     Schedule

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Medical Massage Level 2:  

Understanding Postural Distortion   (Day 1)

Lower  Extremities   (Day 2)

Upper Extremities     (Day 3)

22 CEUs

Investment:  $ 395.00 for all three days.  Schedule

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Medical Massage Level 3:  

5 Day Intensive Program:

40 CEUs

Investment:  $ 595.00    Schedule

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How to obtain certification:

In order to receive your MMPA Certification, you must complete  a written exam (with a minimum of 70 % correct answers), which will be given after completion of level 3.   All levels must be completed for certification except Level  4, which is optional. 

Level 1 and Level 2 can be taken in either order. Level 3 should be taken after completion of level 1 and 2.  Exceptions based on previous advanced trainings will be considered on an individual basis. It is recommended the student follow the suggested order. 

To make it easier for the student, we offer significant savings, when you register for multiple levels.  

Individual days may be taken for CEU purposes upon availability.




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